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that he spent his whole life in acts of benevolence."

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Dr. Echeverria has noticed in two instances of reflex paraplegia, paramount

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tory of the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New

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licorice and codein. Of the forty unselected cases in which

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that the post-typhoid psychoses often appear late, after the patient has

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Two varieties of mycetoma are described by the author, one the Melanoid,

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The essay has attracted the attention of the whole profession.

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would attend the preparations for removal to a general hospital.

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sense of the word ? When mortification is the consequence of cental*

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egg-white was detected in the abdominal cavity, bile, liver, kidney,

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septic and the non-antiseptic methods ; he remarks, however, that erysipelas has

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is in every case to be maintained until a Medical examination

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intensity from above downwards, and the lumbar region

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less fortunate, for she was dead when discovered. His mother

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joint surface of the tibia, and the latter was uniformly smooth

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"Waters. Junior Anatomy Class : Medal, Mr. E. Smith ;

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Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh; Thomas S. Sargent, Esq.,

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the abdomen, brought them within easy reach of man-

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Dr. Julian Loudon described a case which he had seen in