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poetry it is, too. Pathos, real pathos, is found often here and
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In one place he states that the name should not be used, and
until gestation was nearly complete. 2. It was true that she had once
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thing like the small powders which are put up by druggists.
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Decompression of Spinal Cord for Fractures of Dorsal and Lumbar
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cludes, from the comparative study of various methods of treatment in this
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State are all to be called upon to soften the way of the transgressor
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effect of the anesthetic all combine to produce the condition.
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and drink most beer and have in consequence most uric acid
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step was to determine the infectiousness of the ordinary market milk.
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constituted there is no way for any physician to know that the
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sive, when there were found bacteria from the intestine as before. Tiie prac- •
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the disease is due to the continuing action of the poison, and that this may
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without; they are never found in the healthy genital secretions. Auto-infec-
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oven at 98° F. for several weeks would be sure to resolve the original pieces
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ing microorganisms. To what extent microorganisms thrive in the
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to the shortening of its mesentery. Along the free edge of this
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theorizing on this subject as the result of experience in the
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and suppuration were very difficult to make out; it was hard to decide
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ovaries and tubes, and pelvic peritonitis and cellulitis form the subjects
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dithymol, whereas aristol is a diiodide of dithymol. It is a reddish brown
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sufflated before meals. Iodoform, menthol, cocaine or morphine are
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profession, we, the undersigned physicians and surgeons of Santa
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cordial cooperation between the intelligent masseur and the physi-
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which will be found to be of the greatest service to the general
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ber of cases the pneumonia seemed to be irregular, in that it was rather a
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ories, though some serve well thus, but for roughage, as I believe the
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toms have subsided. Later small portions of solid food can be
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mitral orifice. One case was that of a baby two months old ; there was
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tissue is most abundant and loose. From five to seven drops
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immediately after giving nourishment, as its effect may be carried beyond
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into the system. ... In rabbits the morbid change was confined to the
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within another (foetus in fwtu), it has been found that the union was