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we will devote most attention to the clinical findings in the 32
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tropical than in cold or temperate climates. It is apt to occur in travel-
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sistence of the biliary secretion which favor the formation of the
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Richard W. Shropshire, MD, Madison, is chairman of the Summer Externship Program. The list of preceptors
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few red corpuscles. Almost immediately after the needle was with-
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American Oil, P. D. & Co., is highly commended in the treatment of constipation. Its function is
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Wound- .d^out the .ipiki-- nf the hini,'^ are L'eiier.dh ,i--ui i.ited with .in
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vacciniforme. For a period of eight years or more following Bazin's
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glipizide xl 5 mg tablet
but ten became perforated during suppuration. Those who
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a vein of the diploe contained in the x>06terior
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base of the brain. The cavity was drained and dressed in the usual way.
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What is there in the anatomical structure of the cervix
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animal fat), beginning with a single gem ; the milk to
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knowledge of etiology and of the morbid process underlying the
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return of ascites 21 months after the operation ; in Keen
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The discerning patient should be counseled by her pri-
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five rings of the trachea for cancer, the epiglottis being left in position.
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a novel and labor-saving method of taking an injection.
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tion after an enema rash may add to the difficulties of
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remains stationary, passes into pus, or even increases, in consequence of
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future action. It has declared that the publication
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been made by other surgeons. Riedel and others base
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like elevations of the bone, circular in shape and convex. They
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(from 2,500 to 16,000 colonies per cc. of blood). It is, therefore,
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which is eliminated by the kidneys in the form of alka-
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b. A liter of tap- water was sterilized by heat, and, when cool, a sus-
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that its complete abandonment and destruction were to be urged as was
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hymen by a cul de sac, presenting at the back a small opening through which
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much ; his general health is good. There is some numbness in the
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the toq}id lymphatics to absorb, from the over dis-
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by the Kegistrar-General affords the information necessary for a
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were translated directly into Arabic for the Caliphs of