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the absorption of a safe stimulus from the flies, is supposed useful, as also the mechanical
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warm, moist aerial envelope which causes an overheating of the surface
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is conscientious in his living. It costs no more to eat
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the same time these patients must lead a very quiet
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The Practical Medicine Series. Edited by G. P. Head, M.D. Vol. VIII.
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ble disease must necessarily, in a general paper of this kind,
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Dose and preparation of the remedy : the first solution used
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terization, after perineal lithotomy, in two cases. The
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^r. William MacLeod, Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets, remarks
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bruits heard at the apex, liaving been an aortic regurgitant
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in 18.50. It has, however, been used largely by many Practi-
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Arsenic and Mercury. Donovan's Solution. — A very powerful
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should be directed to the presence of one or more diseases, which are easily con-
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bronze and placed in the new Capitol at Frankfort. Daniel Boone
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exceedingly flabby and difficult to define. Otherwise, nothing abnormal was
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but accidents of this nature sometimes occur from a general
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tury has developed should not have produced a better
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or cellular layer, in which the bursas are situated.
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1,000. On tlie eighth day union had taken plaee all
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may be logical, but certainly he is not very grateful
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of the central ganglia by the use of cold ; and after numerous unsatisfactory experi-
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This is sufficient to give you the relative importance of the two.
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KiNKEAD, R. J., epithelioma of cervix removed during pregnancy and vaginal
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adduction. These symptoms indicate clearly that the proper
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•iuite recently lived almost exclusively on a vegetable
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taste. The motor root, however, recovered, so that the right masseter,
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friction, and as a dressing to the blisters which should be substituted
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ing as seen in anaesthesia from chloroform or ether, but
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of the uterus is increased by the use of ergot. There is,
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ledge of this event, as a disease requiring profes-
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course of a few weeks after the operation, the disease returned in the left
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with a regular pointed extremity, without giving pain.
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ease is not of toxic origin, but due perhaps to vaso-