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coi pesi nella frattura semplice e complicata del femore.
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stated by a writer on this subject, that if phthisis be communicable, it should
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Dr. Flexner: We have not looked into the question raised by Dr.
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fection. Injury is rarely an exciting or a predisposing
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over the apex of the lung and beneath them a rather thin, flattened scar
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living praise of its matchless power over a disease which is the
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ous, it first excites a sense of tingling or formi-
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location of the Hip.— Mr. T. H. Openshaw ^ presented to the
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be either congenital, or the result of Pott's disease or
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Dr. Webb has represented Queens county on this committee since
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dinary medicines. In the lungs, the tenacious mucus obstructs
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I Jtepr. from: Bull. Acad, de m6d.. Par., 1873, 2. s., ii.
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trate the uselessness of relying upon results of experiments
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in the midst of professional duties, in the comparatively short period of
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There seems to be a steady growth along educational lines throughout
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This plan includes the almost equally important conditions :
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Blizard and Sir Charles Blicke, his colleague at the College of Surgeons,
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an ointment containing starch and subacetate of lead ; or, to those parts
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3. Waxy Degeneration of the Kidney. — Under this name
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and Kister and also by McCoy. In any critical case the bacteriological
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than the lower apes. The virus, the nature by Osier: "The Captain of the Men of
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lems, have found no etiologic role for EBV in the chronic