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many able observers, such as Heberden, Fowler, Latham, and others,

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tion of bacteria, no cellular elements can pass the renal filter, any such which

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various tissues of the body. It is often a troublesome symptom in

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Q ravel. —There are a few diseases of the kidneys of sufficient

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a very considerable minus quantity is noted, we nmy alwujs consider

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150 grams of fat, having a value of from 1,100 to 1,400 calories, a day.

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involved are the farthest removed from the network of nutrient capil-

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is now repulsive. The eyes are swollen and closed, and in severe

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which serve to economize fat will deserve special attention.

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form of longitudinal striation such as is so commonly seen in gouty

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of pain in the loins accompanied by hsematuria without gravel or cal-

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Conspicuous among the cliemical agents above mentioned is lead.

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withhold, as when to prescribe. When medicinal agents are neces-

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interstitial nephritis is frequently accompanied by sclerosis of the

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a fall or a concussion, the localization of an attack of gout is Avidely

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History appears to coincide with experience and proves that man

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nary life and in the arts too, the phlegmatic and choleric are typical

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As a general thing, however, the course of gouty diabetes is slow

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When much force is used in the evacuation of the bladder its

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The three most common varieties are the tape worm, the thread or

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at some autopsies on scarlatinal nephritis to be increased 50 per cent,

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cold, may cause congestion of the genital organs and result in serious

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Atropia given in doses of y-J^ of a grain usually gives satisfactory

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inconvenience, and the patient will bless the day which emancipated

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three or four o'clock in the morning a gradual subsidence of the pain

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grain doses if there are no signs of heart weakening.

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takes in his food any considerable amount of fat-forming substances

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In 1885 Landouzy and Dejerine, who had already the year pre-

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The causes of this affection are acute diseases as scarlet fever.

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lieved by the committee that there could be " no more

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then be administered in small doses for a considerable period of time.

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frequently the fibrous structures and articulations of tlie larynx are

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such cases. Cod-liver oil forms a valuable adjunct to other remedies,

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century stood at the head of the medical faculty in Paris, that must

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of the eyes may be of unequal size, the pulse irregular and the