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patients who are being studied and treated by the various members of the

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suspected subjects were the most fruitful in their yield of the

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vaginations of pia and Pacchionian granulations), pachymeningitis haem-

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the papers of the recent Congress is given, in which the vaccine treat-

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If the dictionaries and assumed authorities be drawn upon

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The prognosis is generally good, but progress is slow; three to six

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Richard A. Clark, a registered medical practitioner, regis-

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disease of the cord itself comes by way of a preceding meningitis

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The President responded briefly, assuming charge of the ad-

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prizes. It would seem to be a very practical contest to establish in towns

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before the final examination, and he would receive his certificate from the Board of

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3. The President and Vice-President shall be elected from among the members of the

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Dr. Emory moved, seconded by Dr. Bray, that the by-law be taken as read. Carried.

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would reply, "Read this little book of Prof. Richardson's."

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6. The returning officer in each division shall not open any envelopes he may receive

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and I must urge you to consider not only the urinary analysis but

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bodies and are productive either of fibrous union or of non-union.

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sons dying of senile dementia, were produced in normal adult and

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in the thanks of grateful patients and the approval of your col-

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followed, but this soon subsided without any discharge of pus.

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Dr. Campbell moved, seconded by Dr. McLaughlin, that the report of the committee

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by the bovine type. It seems to be definitely decided also that

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characteristic of eclampsia; 150, 200 and even 300 mm. of mer-

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descriptive of many phases of medical interest that are seldom

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its time of aggravation and amelioration ; some are delirious,

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During the year 1910 the writer used the iodine preparation as

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principles; for, the allopath recognized no therapeutic law on

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-3.25; Medium: -3.25 to -6.00; and High: more than -6.00. The per cent

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genius would carry one into the field of heredity and environment

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past history was not especially noteworthy, as it included no

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Ch.B. Second Edition. Price, 60 cents, net. J. & A. Churchill, Lon-

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L. Belding, '13; The Active Chapter, A. E. Mills, '12; The Interne, R. Jaco-

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Dr. Campbell — The purpose of preventing amendments is accomplished under "Amend-

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that committee I would do everything I could to get an offer, and I would not, unless it was

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-doctor's offices ; the cellar is a sort of basement kitchen, floored, with a fire in it. It is the

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Then came a day in the fall of 1909 when she had two numb

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social plague, and so forth and so forth, it is only the nimble

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2. Even when the fragments are healed together the wire may

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them legally members of this committee. But I would be more than ])leased if the Council

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''The abnormal reaction consists of extension or fanning of one or more

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