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Dr Burn Murdoch thought that the thanks of the Society were
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spirits are generally depressed, and the countenance is *' more
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wear flannel next to the skin is very important in cardiac disease, as such
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likewise seen cases in which I found it impossible to excite this irrita-
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furnished, if the request for them be made when the communication is sent.
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managed with wonderful discretion, would be very unapt to harmonize
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dition is, however, also of special interest because chronic sequels of
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to the square root of the time elapsed, which is one form of Schiitz's
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lated by diabetics. A jiint or a pint and a half, accordingly, may be
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unpleasant and irritating. Somatose, made by acting on blood fibrine by
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then have the satisfaction of being able to form an accurate diagnosis.
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Punjab. In its periodical visits to these districts, it observes an
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The Third International Congress of Obstetrics and Gyne-
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is eloquently exhibited in the number and character of
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sence for seven days granted in Orders 25, Fort Huachu-
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Complains of severe frontal headaehe, which is increased towards eight.
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the Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette the following interesting quotation from
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case in which vomiting and purging occurred early, and were prominent
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in case of a moist drum in which a small perforation is suspected,
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raised by Stitt, -who claims that the malarial parasites gradually become
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started with the chemotherapy treatment right then. I could
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secretary, Harry W. Blair. The next meeting will be held in March.
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Fatty tetter ; Gancroide, Dartre de la graisse ; Knollen krebs.
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the appetite good, and the digestion apparently unimpaired. Liquid continued to accumulate
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tional endowments of the palm of the hand, as comjjared to the sole
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On examination, the pericardium was found to contain 5\ii.