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stitial injection of glucose, 500 c.c. 10% glucose in saline being given. The
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secretions of the initial lesion and of the secondary lesions, condylomata,
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At first the disease is limited to one kidney; and, when both are
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meable wax covering, soiling all the linen that comes in contact
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hocks, and the other parts of the hind legs : and in the latter,
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had injured his body, for he was not well, by practising Yogi, I
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ce{far}\ One fl:itch is fufficient for a wound two inches
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the cautery. All agree, however, that no surgeon should depend
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secondary syphilis, and a gumma may be present in the later stages ; it is
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deeper voice than the bull. Certain it is, that the bull has a far
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be drawn between ptomaine and bacterial poisoning, and to be a guide as
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For males, the largest rate of mortality from phthisis exists between the
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buttock touches the pelvic floor first and rotates to the front, behind
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breathing an atmosphere rendered dusty by the presence of lead salts ;
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operative treatment of the patient with diabetes with that splendid
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more especially in the winter, it is associated with recurrent attacks 'of
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lesion to the tonsil itself. This only means that the tuberculous infection
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time is neceflary here for the fl:rained parts to reco-
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Certain other symptoms do not obviously fall under the heading of
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and tending to coalesce. After a further interval of a few days, minute