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of weather, and require less space for the air ducts than natural ven-
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mental symptoms, as automatism, take the place of the fit.
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tutional characteristics : he is thin, pale, hollow-chested,
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the circulation. It is difScult, however, to understand how it can happen
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perhaps, the bone along the track of the ball is killed, and though not
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954. — Hamnierl (H.) Die Bakterien der menschlicheu
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vaginated end entirely covered with plasma in dogs that
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pericarditis is especially grave owing to its frequent
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Course 103 is a basic course prerequisite to all courses in Zoology except 105, and
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he now almost dreaded to see the operation done. The
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valve. No.3.542.<5; Dec. 14, 1886. . Tank- valve. No.
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operate upon mad people, or paralytics ; and what I can
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scope, the white corpuscles are seen to adhere in succes-
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8. While at Berlin the proportion of deaf-mutes is but 6 in 10.000 among the
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of tumor of the frontal region, but its precise posi-
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icine’s story, organizing and directing speakers’
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typhoid fever, and severe intestinal intoxications or enteritis. In all
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The general name of "cholera typhoid ** has been given to the
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were frequently mentioned sources of severe financial
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anus, I have seen more than once, and have cured by
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(6) Discharge is thin and watery, and tubercle bacilli may be found in it;
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and rapidly hardened in absolute alcohol and embedded in paraffin. Some
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symptoms and are rarely discovered during life, and then only by
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Dr. Hanly gave notice of motion to submit a by-law to repeal certain by-laws, which
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certain special micro-organisms found in dead or de-
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vinegar as strong as can be taken for the alkali poisoning.
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and the examinations repeated with sufiicient frequency
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place it in the same category at all. And yet the more modem
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the Walls of the Heart," Amer. Jour, of Physiology, 1898, i, 145.
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sQCcnmbed. In my Report for 1898 is an account of a verj'
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rapidly under the application of a bichlorid poultice of a
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absorbents, observed by different authors, and in particular by
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„ JOHK Bishop, F.R.S., On the Physical Constitution, Diseases, and
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loss sustained by medicine in the recent death of Dr. Murch-
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only with such old-fashioned remedies as "Saferon Tea" or
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make a post a mere place where duty is the sole thing and
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apparent. The disease usually appears about middle life, and