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out. The problem of using an economies-of-scale analysis

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Antiseptic Solution. .. .115, 137, 146, 148, 154, 155,

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in mind the relatively enormous prevalence of pellagra among child-

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persuaded, 1st. That erysipelas may commence in a hospital •n-idiout the sus-

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are usually too slight to affect an ordinary indicator,

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recorded by Ryerson ' should encourage further trial in similar cases.

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tioner. He wisely adds to this that only the most recent works

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was 4..32 in 1885, 3.69 in 1886, 4.15 iu l.s,S7, 1.13 in 1888,

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were undoubtedly due to this cause; nevertheless, while admitting these

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" In the family whicli I visited there were five girls ill : I heard

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a red count below 1,000,000 and cite a count by Monge of 500,000.

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Salol is said to be of slow excretion, but allowed to be

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ure. On the 19th, the red blood corpuscles had fallen to 2,200,000; the colorless

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that at once his patient was somewhat reheved. Suc-