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it throws upon an important branch of study, but because of the addi-

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should correlate his researches with those of previous

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might be expected to recur, and who found that for a long while they did

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In 1869 Prilieux- showed that the electric light, in com-

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tremely exsanguinated and otherwise reduced patients,

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PuRViANCE. Captain William E., assistant surgeon, is granted leave

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leus and incus interfere with drainage of the attic,

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connection with another man, and at this time the plaintiff was born ; but it

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we hope it will not go a-begging. A permanent faculty would give

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it is seen to be disorganized for upwards of, an inch.

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nerves to the ganglionic cells of the spinal axis. Examination of the views of

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by a competent board, should constitute the only legal authority to prac-

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In the haemonhagio in&rcticms which so often arise in diseases of

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direct purpose of destroying life, comparatively rare.

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and, when they grew up, identified them as Lathyrus sativus (L.).

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there being not more than ten or fifteen inches of annual rainfall,

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pounds, to accommodate customers ; at wholesale or retail, as low as can be bought in

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inflamed, and the old openings, previously closed, broke

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the son to be a scientific man and the daughter to be a good house-

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evidence of the defendant's good character, not only in

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ten request X-rays and it may be helpful to cite find-

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extension of the foot and shortening of the ham-string muscles

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will bring on a disastrous condition of the heart. Cases have been

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fluids. A preliminary note on this subject has already been made.' 1

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he was induced by the hope that this condition of the nervous centres might

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vital and organized, though possessing perhaps, even less tenacity or firmness,

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jects by the position of the eyeball as indicated to us by the degree of stimu-

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will justify a positive diagnosis. Complete restoration to the usual health

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equally well. The appearance of colonies of common green molds

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Balthazar Foster, President of the Council, Dr. Davis

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ant whitish dense precipitate, chiefly composed o^ transparent waxy casts, about

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A man will state that he is totally deaf, hears nothing.

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nerves to direct vital operation." Among my own endeavours to ascer-