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end of the uvula will not, in itself, give rise to a nasal twang in a speaking voice,

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Society. Dr. Benjamin died 5 November 1994 at the age of 70.

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value in differentiating an empyema from a subphrenic abscess; it is absent in the

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and trembling of hands. Pulse was rapid and tense, and breath-

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The consecutive Numbers denote the Davs of the Disease^

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dominal regions and a proposition for a new method of division, 10,

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discriminate. Theoretically it was fully justified, especially in

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At the appointed time, she returned with her mother, who

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(Edema of the lungs, pleurisy, and pneumonia may also complicate a

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upon the extent of the respiratory excursions. In palpating the liver border it is

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may be equally affected with the superficial sensation, which accounts

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may begin quite suddenly without any prodroma, or without any excit-

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373; 393; 425; 4,52; 474 ; 483. — ITIaurcl. (Jon.statation

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which commenced in the shoulder and reached the lower limbs. In 1884

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3. Exhibition of the histological changes in the skin in

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Twenty-three towns in the kingdom having temporary or

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be forgotten, not one in a hundred of them would ever be

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kidneys are pepper, curry, mustard, garlic, and nutmeg; and with refer-

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battery doctors, years will loose themselves in the past before our gen-

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The Section was called to order by the President, Dr. J.

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tion of Laryngo-Tracheotomy. By G. B. Lisderman, M. D., of Mauch

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that a woman labouring under leucorrhoea may charge a man with the crime

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twelve of one hundred and sixty-three cases she had collected. There are

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complaint, no symptoms are apparent and there are no pathological

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doubtedly been gained by the large number of persons who daily, at

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material perhaps with the instrument that was used. Another point

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did not appear to show any sign of filling up in its deeper portions.

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through the influence of American sanitary officers, is well in the

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glossitis, which is said to be caused by exposure to damp and

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