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though remote from the everyday practical work of medicine,

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omentum and mesentery, or slipping of the gut beneath old

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dence for or against the presence of intravesical growth will

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poses an entire canalisation and drainage of the delta, which

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not alone from the inability or unwillingness of the sub-

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plaint, but of some other disease or accident in the end. There

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longer introduced into the system, the bile ceased to contain-

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is put by the Legislature on injudicious marriages. Some day

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Major R. H. Cama, medical otticer i'th Madras lui'antry, to India for six

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of little value or authority. Meantime we will confine our-

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being the removal of the organism, and counteracting absorp-

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In the Midlands, Derby, Birmingham, and Longton suffered

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rotation. These prevail continuously, but shift their area of

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al re idy reached the committee stage. .Vlthough the forms and)

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mioster Hosnital ; J. Edwards, London Hospital ; M. Ferguson,

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«na''t3 that the council of every county shall appoint and pay a medical

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Dr. T. CoLCOTT Fox, regarding lupus as a local tuberculous

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pharyngeal Abscess : (2) Ovarian Cyst, in which ovariotomy-

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in the aerated waters and other beverages freely partaken of by soldiers,

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tion is brown or black, according to its intensity. I may now

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Chesterfield Hospital are more than usually large. They

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and telling me not to meddle in things I knew nothing about.

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haps, mainly concerned in such trade as there is, but we

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the ascaris lumbricoides, both in appearance and life-history.

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the Sanitary Institute have, on the contrary, taken active

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Graily Hewitt's paper on Sea Sickness I do not remember seeing any

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the endowment policies have increased from about fo per cent tu 73 per

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These views will be considered later on. They are men-

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the horizon for the rest of the winter is so slight that the

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that method in the case of a baby, but the patient was so

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and unsatisfactory state into which the administrative medical ranks

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to prevent our drawing inferences as to chemical composition

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"a scheme of practical instruction suitable for candidates

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she had a slight attack of haemoptysis. Shortly after she

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months and the other two years after the operation, and

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Landwehr's own explanation, in which the substance he dis-

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Nay. we have direct testiiu>ny on the subject, for it is

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tendon of the rectus and the anterior ligament at its attach-

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Officer and Public 'Vaccinator for the Iver Sanitary District of the

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which they are specialised are closely connected with those

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she observed some " falling down." She had four other children within

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deep inspiration— a very simple feat, which even children