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been found the proximate cause of the fits and of death. Had
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to knowlecge concerning it. Positively known to be the cause
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' Wlieu clinical clerk to the late Dr. Anthony Todd Thompson, at University
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Ophthalmic Neuro-Myology. A study of the normal and abnormal
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10. Gunshot wounds of the extremities must be treated upon the most conser-
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"of the professors of such college." — Session iMOSf 1819, p. 308.
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much liquid ammonia as will redissolve the precipitate formed
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mutilated, is of great importance. If it means, however, that
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and with a convulsive movement, he threw himself out of the bed ;
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Medical Department as a reward for his invention of the
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*♦* The study of mind may be attempted in two ways — cither ab-
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Cobbold has acquired quite as great a reputation as for being
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most successfully operated. These shocking instances of deformity
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be said to have been established until the reign of
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became adult, they were placed in mosquito-proof cylinders and were so
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learn methods of developing, printing, enlarging, etc.
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3. Raising the electrical potential of the air and of the body. The dry , warm-
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chamber-door were shut. The consciousness that the customary
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Dr Cullen found great difficulty in accouiuing for the first ap-
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Breathing somewhat easier; pulse 100, with a little more force. No other
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asylum. It is probable, I think, that in some of these cases operative
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cal profession, certainly in most countries, and until
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was slightly increased, if its administration were con-
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fever, but abscess results only exceptionally. In experimental inoculation
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then bitter tonics, with smaller doses of potash, or with
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are irritants in some degree, and there is a limit, usually
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result. It seems as if it concerns the action of ferments that produce
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occurs in the form of amorphous granules or dumb-bell-shaped crys-
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Nov. 27, 1843, will show. The prisoner, who was at the time labouring
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the part anjemic in the extreme. Still, it does not absolutely deprive it of all
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ined for hypersecretion exclusively in those cases present-
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a few words are said about feverish rise of temperature, which
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instinct may be given. But, however surprising and elaborate
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Quite recently blood cultures have been made in these cases and
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that he received annually in the hospital nearly one-
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and thus drawing the angle forward. It is much better,
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for drinking cows' milk raw — a practice attended by
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six hundred square feet, arsenic is thus liable to be distributed in the state of
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shown to be due to the ingestion of milk sugar or cane sugar.
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and a compartment in which was a bucket latrine as well as racks for