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wants of factory surgeons according to new rules by Mr. Whymper, that

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On the other hand, it was natural to endeavour to avoid

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society ; he was also a very gallant gentleman, and in no

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tained by his numerous writings and rare knowledge in many

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Cummock; W. Millar, Leith ; J. G. Thomson, Glasgow- G M

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George Fell, Solicitor, Aylesbury, by February i-Tth.

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Aechee, a. M., M.D., BCh.Dub., reappointed Medical .Officer for the

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Sib, — Having recently felt some of the difficulties of ob-

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tious diseases hospital. Last week witnessed a further extension of small-

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New Members.— The minutes of the previous meeting

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Spurbell.— On January I9th, at Church Crookham, Hants, the wife of

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Englishman who obtained an American diploma in dentistry

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movements. The clamp has been made for me by Messrs.

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various microscopic appearances whicli have been described.

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duplicate notifications of particular cases, which in tlie instance of scar-

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Brighton and Sussex Medico Chieuegical Society.— A

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Thus the characteristic lengthening of each contraction of the

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8th ; Mr. Thomas Bryant was in the chair. The minutes of