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First ever pizza museum to open in Philadelphia

February 24, 2012 by Tony  
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The world’s first ever pizza museum looks set to be launched in Philadelphia, USA, later this spring, provided the founder succeeds in raising enough funds to complete the project. 27-year-old Brian Dwyer is the man behind the first ever pizza museum which he plans to fill with his collection of pizza memorabilia which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest stash of pizza related products in the world.

Work has already begun on Pizza Brain, as the pizza museum will be known, as Dwyer is in the process of converting a 19th century building in Philadelphia which he’ll use to show off his one-off collection of all things pizza. The museum will also serve pizza to hungry visitors.

Brian only started taking his pizza memorabilia collection seriously while in college, later deciding to collect pizza themed vinyl to decorate his music studio. However the real light bulb moment came in 2010 when the collector hosted a pizza themed art show, inviting contributors to create art under the theme of pizza using a variety of mediums. The show was such a success, attracting 300 people on the opening night, that Brian decided to take the next step and open a museum dedicated to pizza.

Museums honouring other food including everything from mustard to noodles already exist, but surprisingly there isn’t one dedicated to pizza anywhere in the world, a fact Brian puts down to being because it’s such an obvious food type, that people assume that a pizza museum must already exist.

While work is still ongoing on the pizza museum, Brian Dwyer hopes Pizza Brain will be welcoming visitors in Philadelphia by late spring.

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