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drastic cathartic, producing copious wateiy evacuations.
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as medical chemistrv or medical botanv. It is submitted
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84 have been discharged as cured, and only 11 are under treat-
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headache, and pain in back. On ] 7th, headache intense, frontal. Was
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virus invades increasing areas of healthy tissue, it necessar-
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person who," which he said were unnecessary. After a short
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Rhode Island. Sailed from Key "West, July 9th, and arrived
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special agent of the tenth census, on the defective, de-
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aneurisms. Whether there is a history that would be of importance
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empty ; below it, and chiefly in the small intestine, was
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heres only in one, the proximal one. In excision of large
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should be given as a prophylactic. The objections are that it is
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letic heart possibly (?), one of excessive frequency of car-
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had extensive experience in hospital construction prob-
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and Director of the Department of Medicine at George-
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as well as their more frequent occurrence in summer and autumn — that
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1. The scanty proportions and correspondingly meagre record of work
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go there and rest, that he must not take much exercise. He went down
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factors that 1 have .ju-t mentioned; namely: sensation,
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"shotdd be adopted (early) in cases of true diphtheria," (p. 123). He believes in
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damp, and the last subacute nephritis following most probably upon influ-
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Finally, we know that our constant struggle with disease and
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cing any visible effect. The germs of typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and diphtheria
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by telephone to come " imme<liately." I arrived there
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muscle areas and to other extremities. This corresponds to Pfliiger's