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and work the narrow strips into the wound by means of the closed

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spasm lasts. The dryness of the throat which both these drugs

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effects are attained by its stimulating action on the thyroid gland. He

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Some other means of transmission are suggestively possible, but of

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climate ; it was not due to the locality or to the massing of

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the upper portion of the chest and back with cold wa-

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The U. S. Army hospital tent has at one end a lapel, so that two or

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A Case of Appendicitis with Abscess Perforating into the

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in question. The fatal event is accelerated by the development of

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Hutchinson, of London, and Dr. Bumstead, the well-known

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of every day ! How entirely does the energy of character sink under

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The de>ired information was subsequently developed by this query of

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Remarks on the Value of Urotropin and its Practical Ap-

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as the ammonia is increased. Whether this be due to alkaline secretion

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ment can be seen at any moment : and for its character

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unchanged in the tumour, and it could be emptied ahnost as com-

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simple remittent and intermittent fever there is a close relationship. These

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stomach ; and he satisfactorily demonstrated, that generally this

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ties just mentioned, particularly the failure of the radial pulse) which are sufficiently

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the hand. Her abdomen had gradually enlarged since August,

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adopted the method of cutting along Poupart's liga-

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cause of this is simply the minute foetus, which, lying in a large

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the level of the sea increases in an arithmetical progression ; thus

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whether the hopes entertained are to be borne out or are to be

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ing swelling makes its appearance, or a sudden gush of arterial

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protoplasmic body found in cancerous growths by Foa and

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last paper. Accepting this point, then, a solution may be

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parison of the two sides may furnish very valuable information

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Dr. Britton — We had a long discussion over this matter in the Curriculum Committee.

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uted over the entire world as the pandemic of 1889 to 1890.

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nary plaster, assuring her that it was a fly-blister, and in forty-eight

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acute rheumatism is sometimes caused by pulmonary embolism. An ex-

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in mania with a rapid circulation of blood, it stimulates action. In

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