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in other diseases where small capillary hemorrhages occur in the stomach.

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tains a pulmonary quality, and there is a vesicular element to the respira-

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and amputation rendered unnecessary. It does not matter whether the

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red of catarrhal laryngitis is replaced by a deep red or even a livid hue.

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a second operation, a week or two later, a large number of cells may be

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mass softened by rendering the passing of the stool easy. Where the

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pleura may be wounded. These are the chief clangers of the operation.

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goitre there is tachycardia and Graves's sign is present, that

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mucous membrane of the large intestine undergoes changes similar to those

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among Jews and those who eat no pork. The monks of the Carthusian

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thorax to one of empyema. Cases have been related in which perforation

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Signs. — 1. Crepitus, which is pronounced, and is evidenced by

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tion. In very old cases, a new socket may be formed, while the old

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among the rich, the private soldiers than their officers, the sailor on shore

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and when, in this case, an external opening is to occur, the evidences of

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discharges, and with great distortion of the interior of the nostril, the

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fertomid 25 mg uses

the pain becomes more constant, the cachexia is better marked, and hem-

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This coloring matter (haemoglobin) infiltrates the tissues and stains

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its progress. But the facts deduced from recorded cases are strongly against

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Crepitus can be obtained by making extension and counter-extension

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and a fluid effusion in the joints, together with acid sweats and a general

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and trapezius in the subclavian triangle. The external jugular and

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considerably enlarged. The deep-seated character of the pain,

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present. In cases of long standing, the hair becomes harsh and loses its

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ment followed by periods of exacerbation and rapid progress.

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liable to hypertrophy than the walls. Sometimes the walls of a cavity are

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involved, hence a delayed, even a suppressed radial pulse will be found

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condition of each patient and by the type of the pneumonia. If it is un-

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that the styloid process of the radius is upon a lower level than that of

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packs, still it has this advantage, that no such compensating increase in

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the throat. The fragments are pulled apart by the supra — and infra-

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the carious teeth should be removed, and a trochar inserted through the

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very greatly lowering the vitality of the patient. These symptoms pre-

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disease. Pericarditis is not infrequently a cause of cardiac hypertrophy,

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and severe colicky pains, which are never absent, but there are frequent

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yellowish or reddish fluid, due to the disorganization of the red cor-

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and communicate by anastomosis with the pulmonary vein, and thus the

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each pustule being surrounded l)y ;i broad red base, tbe " balo,"and where

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ing the winter and spring months. Delicate, weakly, and ill-nourished

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decomposition or breaking up of organic substances, especially by

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are not uncommon in the metatarsal bones and phalanges, and may