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treatment there was a slight return of the ataxia which is clearing up.

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promptly and equally distributed throughout the tissues of the body,

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several years. Sebaceous secretion is also absent. In the early

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splenectomy was about three times the normal ; two months after opera-

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browsky). All the other symptoms are the same in both conditions.

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was positive. Gastric lavage showed much stasis. There were two liters of

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or 3 per cent, of the group, showed aortic regurgitation.

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dency, it would appear that the Gaelic and Kymric or Ibero-Keltic stocks

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increase appreciably in proportion to the degree of staining. In ani-

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cating syphilitic cerebral arteritis — developed three months after in-

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quantity to secure full aeration of the blood, and through the aorta

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been under observation ; what proportion of these have been of certain

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from his studies that oxy sparteine, administered in doses which

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as irritableness, aphasia, impaired memory and depression were all

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of the wall of the vein are observed, may gradually disappear. The

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The loss of calcium in diabetic acidosis was shown by some experi-

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do not yet know what is the cause of the chronic interstitial thy-

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been a very limited patch of thickening in the adventitious coat of

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Operativi Treatment.- -Medicinal and dietetic measures, with local

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though thoroughly utilized by the charlatan — will be brought to bear

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secured to attain a high degree of precision. We employed the follow-

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beginning of the process ; (5) The fatty degeneration seldom stands