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Wade; Dr. Hewitt; Dr. Tenison; Mr. S. Beecroft; Mr. Kent

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copy thereof be open for inspection in the shop or place

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proved that we cannot differentiate, morphologically, between the blood-

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widely in the length of life as to warrant entirely separate con-

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gurgling in right iliac fossa. On the 27th, suspicious spots

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difliculty. I was recently called to see a lady, now in

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some brandy down his throat, to our infinite amaze-

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be in the upper 25 per cent of their graduating class.

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so that his legs dangle some two or three inches beyond its

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At Greenwich the highest temperature in the shade observed

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anchor lines. The annual issuance of metal boat tags is

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primary effect of the administration of the iron may be an

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weeks the temperature is not normal the case is considered

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work. Even slow work horses should not be fed bulky, innutri-

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likely to increase. The new Field Marshal, Lord Wolseley, at a parade in

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the abscess spontaneously discharged a large quantity

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depression. 3. In subcutaneous injection they produce at least as energetic

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more exposed to injury than any other part of the caecum, owing to its

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was evidently the same swelling .as had been felt during life, through the in-

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these include zovirax famvir and valtrex

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for a long time to use for treatment by suggestion a tuning-

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two methods it has been affirmed, that during labour the frontal

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are best demonstrated in those regions of the cerebro-spinal

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â– counter-extension secured by elevating the foot of the bed.

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Both the President's oases and those related by Dr. Parkes

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The present practice appears to me to be too much restricted U

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Asst. Surgeon W. J. I'ettus, to proceed to Savannah, Ga., for

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rational hypothesis of the nature of the central lesion may, however,

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these, some are ordinary serum accidents, such as take place after

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stability and virtual freedom from impurities, DIGILANID may

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but which at the same time is under the control of the

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cellulitis are well defined anatomically with good and sub-

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having been discussed in my work on Veterinary Surgery, I

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Bean, Wright Butler P. & S., N. Y., '95 Rockville.

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rhich invest the lungs, and the pulmonary parenchyma. Exclu-