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heart disease, weak cardiac action, chronic pulmonary emphysema, and

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not therefore of general application. The intensity of the action of

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pear, and only those of nephritis then remain. If phthisis occurs as a

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the reported cases, these have been few and of small size, seldom larger

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Cotton, H. A., Draper, J. W., and Lynch, J. M.— "Intestinal Pathology in

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it muft be taken away by the ufe of efcharotics, fuch

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epigastric distress, and other symptoms may return with the next fever fit.

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difficulty in swallowing fluids. The pulse is quickened, sometimes becom-

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as to the time of the highest and lowest temperatures. The highest

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Reprinted from the University of Toronto Medical Journal.

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tice, which prevails in the northern parts of Europe,

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disease. Exercise is essential, partly by its general effect on the body, partly

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this ointment warm ; let it be rubbed long at a time,

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basis for future work. The toxin was the means for (1) develop-

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from the ulcers showed the presence of tubercle bacilli. Later there was

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ceases to make the usual gain in weight. In mild cases the weight may

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dose being followed by a smart cathartic. Kousso, if the drug is quite

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tuberculosis than the reverse. The doubt is not likely to exist for long.

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Cholesterin and bilirubin-calcium are the most important constituents

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active service whose auricles were fibrillating and yet they had no

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to detect the presence of the lesions set up in the lungs by tubercle, as had

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yellow fever, or whether it is severe bilious remittent, or malarial hsemo-

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have found the liver, on microscopical examination, the seat of an inter-

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pained expression, the skin becomes pale and swarthy, and the urine, while

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The staff fully realizes that every effort must be made to render

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dillolved. That lalt is a diuretic which helps to de-

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diarrhoea is not simply due to the presence of ulceration, but to the

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ger fiz€; and we are furroundcd with a fea-coaft, the

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the time of his relating this, which was five years. — I mention

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bacteria. One is immunity to the toxine produced by the bacilli, the other