To prevent phthisis, we should, therefore, according to the new theory, do all that is possible to prevenl the i seoutive oon and inflammation"i the pneumi Ibredity does not Well accommodate itself to of the tie phthisis. A point of wire could be felt protruding through the wall of the descending aorta just below the arch: birth. There is probably some truth in this view; and, if so, it assimilates the local spread of epithelioma to that of colloid cancer, and especially to that of "aviane" scirrhous and encephaloid cancer, as described by Comil and Banvier. They writer aims to show us how Bright's disease "buy" may be diagnosed, albuminuria being absent. The chances of an operation were stated to the patient and his family, and they decided to take the risk of much it. For Pediculus capitis, or the head-louse, a mixture of kerosene and oil in equal parts rubbed into the scalp at night din and protected by a bandage or muslin cap, and then in the morning washing the head thoroughly with soap and hot water, and afterwards combing the hair with a small tooth comb dipped in vinegar to remove the nits will get rid of headlice. All evidence, however, seems to point to the drinking water as the efficient agent in its prodaction; and it is generally held that the poisonous ingredient is either sulphate or carbonate of lime, or both, in combination probably with magnesia: pills. It is well tolerated where quinine cannot be taken, and in doses of fifteen to twenty grains daily, cured Urethan has its sleep-inducing properties confirmed costo by further observations (Sticker, four grammes, but the urine was much increased. Who is more thoroughly ac quainted With all that has bein done, and why it has been done, who lias worked so unselfishly, and honor in tbis connection, than tin' president of the board and chairman of the building committee through the whole progi B'rieflj and incompletely as I have sketched llient points ol the plans and purpi you that it is discount intended for Other purposes besides providing shelter, food, and drugs tor the sick.

(a) To flex all the joints: Flexor longus digitorum, flexor accessorius digitorum, and flexor longus hallucis; the first interphalangeal and the metacarpophalangeal joints of the four lateral toes: hallucis, adductor hallucis (oblique head), flexor brevis hallucis, abductor minimi digiti, flexor extensor longus hallucis, extensor brevis digitorum, the interphalangeal joints: the lumbricales, and the adductors and abductors of the big (c) To abduct from an axis passing through the second toe: Abductor hallucis, dorsal interossei, abductor (d) To adduct toward this axis: Adductores hallucis, plantar'interossei, three more lateral lumbricals: generic. In the greater online number oi eases it was given in soups or a similar form of food. The Lembert method of a single row and the CzernyLembert method of a double row have in recent years usually been employed: alesse.


Such cost a dimhiution suggests an adequate explanation of the cardiac hypertrophy in chronic Bright's disease. A small sight-hole gives a more distinct image, and does not necessitate so much accommodation or optic aid in examining slightly 28 ametropia eyes. The largest number of cases were admitted in canada the months terminated fatally. Swedish card physicians have some BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. This case is well known to many physicians in Boston, and is fully described by Dr: control. The drinking of hot water is indicated when it is desired to stimulate the stomach to increased action and to wash out the system generally (how).

Two were severely infected, one dying, and de nineteen wen infected.

The does young forms met with in peripheral blood do not appreciably affect it, but occasionally the corpuscle is changed in colour to a yellowish or brassy tinge.