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organ, but it was not until about 1880 that the trouble was found to

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cation, empathy and grace. These are commodities that

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and on biological features, failing to kill rabbits in six months,

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Ateopia IX Phthisical Sweatestg.— Dr. James "W. 'Williamson re-

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presence of eggs of intestinal worms. Vermifuge treatment

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secutive Operation in Uterine Displacement.— Dr. C. C,

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which we are now contending for. I believe if we now close

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More, however, than mere material alterations are necessary

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be the relief of suffering and the cure of disease, not simply the development of

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nually accumulates for a worthier object. But if A. B. P. is

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A fretless radiance of countenance ? whilst love and hate and pride and

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bility being that it would tend to aggravate the ioihia.

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very satisfactory in all the cases coming under my ob-

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Philips Croker, M.B., M.R.I.A., President of the King and

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It is evident, however, that the value of any treat-

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the point of overtiring these weakened muscles. Each set of muscles

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been made, leaving it with others to compare the observations,