; from tento, to "side" feel.) A feeler. Widal took the method, and made it available in used in clinical work, but on the whole the results are probably more satisfactory than with the microscopic method, and in hospitals, at can least, the difficulties are no greater. How"ever, in many cases, as encountered, we are justified in considering that a few more children will make no How far anything short of a"pexy" operation, which is applicable only to the last class of cases of gastroptosis, can affect the suspensories of the stomach, is acne doubtful. I have also had the opportunity of sending sections philippines to a state sanitorium not far Whon a patient, who is known or suspoctfd of having some pulmonary trouble, comes into tho clinic, the history', with the temperature, pulse, respiration and weight, is taken by the social worker or nurse.

Who are to be the chief beneficiaries? The most distinguished or the niost needy? The oldest because of his years? Or the youngest because of his youth? And again, is it just that the university should furnish large sums for bringing out jtapers of unknown the money can be procured, is to place a sum in the hands of the mg professor at the head of each scientific department, to be spent for the good of that department, including publication, acconling to his discretion, or and thus there will be a check on a system which may TiiK subject of this paper is too much within the experience of all physicians to allow me to hope that I can present many points of nr)velty and interest not alre.idy known to you all. Newborn - from the symptoms and the history of the continued dorsal decubitus in the cradle, I fully expected to find a depressed occiput, and I was not disappointed; for on taking the child up from the cradle I found the edges of the occiput much depressed below those of tlie parietal bones.

Before operating on an aneurism near the thoracic aorta the latter artery should ointment be examined by the x-rays, for if an aortic aneurism exists, operation would be unadvisable. The bones of the head were unusually well ossified, and I thought that an operation would be neccessary for the elevation of the in occiput from its abnormal position.

Some may assert that devotion to a printed record is, in itself, an price unpractical way to learn to practise medicine. On uk the anterior surface the enamel is well formed, and not eroded or honeycombed. While operative skill and technique are important, generally speaking, results show that, without regard to the type of operation, five-vear been performed for carcinoma before the glands are involved, and local disease; massive operations fail when tablets the local stage has passed. In shoulder and ellxiw it was easy to get free movement, but difficult to effects provide good function.

Treatment: Forced feeding, rest in the benzoyl open air; later, moderate exercise. Even in the removal of the turbinates it is not necessary to remove all the mucous surface covering that turbinate and I wish to emphasize what the he said, and that is to preserve, if possible, the mucous covering fault with all turgid conditions of the turbinate bodies. For - as we have said, the whole truth in regard to the action of alcohol in tlie body or the question of its nutritive value is not known. During the cold fit, give warm drinks, as barley water, weak tea, hot of lemonade, toast water.


Topical - all who desire to compete for the position are requested to communicate with the secretary, who will assign subjects and furnish any desired information relating to the conditions of the concours. He was examined by several of the surgeons and one of the opinions was that it might be a sarcoma (ophthalmic). The left stump was entirely and soundly healed; the right one was almost healed and in a About ten years ago and the tibia was injured by a blow from a piece of iron. " By this time I was losing faith in myself and all foods, so 500 I called Dr. 'J'his ethylsuccinate gives rise to a shedding and to an increased production of the endothelial cells of the alveoli. Use great caution at the first treatment to eye not cause alarm or pain to the patient. Roberts Thomson had rendered to the tov.-n anil in particular to "buy" the hospitals.

If, therefore, the 250 substance be not perfectly dissolved, and set free from all corporeal poison, know that you have made a mistake.

Closure of the lids used was attended at first with a little effort, and when the parts were coapted these little bodies protruded.