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— well rubbed into a small area is very valuable. It should not be used
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erythema (roseola) occur in enteric fever, diphtheria (especially after injec-
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a warm eulogy from Dr. Johnson. Let those read it who
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Natural baths and mineral waters, though much favoured by some
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B. Rhythmical spasms. — Another class of involuntary movements has
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the tides ; the aurora and the magnetism of the earth seem
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nals. First cousin, on his mother's side, to Sir Benjamin
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blow up the bulb to the required size. If the bulb is to be of
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hair-sac ; (b) the imperfect hair does not reach the surface, or hardly
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Paralysis of cranial nerves, inequality of pupils, or the presence of optic
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the reversion of a fine estate in Devonshire, and to with-
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as to say that we are justified in regarding the majority of cases of E.
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and the duration of the disease had been two years in each instance :
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into the skin or subcutaneous tissues, as for example in erythemas, various
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be placed under care and treatment as a private patient, either in an
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albus, S. cereus flavus ? Streptococcus pyogenes (erysipelatis T).
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same as for the other variety. Sulphur in some form is the most
" Cell changes in Molluscum contagiosum," Archil) f. Derm. u. Syph. Bd. xxxii. Hfte.
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quacity that, wasting his time, could be fruitful of no ad-
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only at the periphery of the tumours, as the destructive central changes
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Introduction. — "VVillan defined prurigo (prurio, itch) as an association
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tendance on and services to the prisoners during outbreaks
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cates its "equivalent focal length" in millimeters. If the 16-mm
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In the inquiry among 100,000 school children 8 per cent of the boys
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arsenic. One case that came under my notice was complicated by the
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rise above 104°, with all the symptoms of a severe febrile disease. But in
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is shown by its occurrence in limited epidemics, which have been observed
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Prognosis. — In uncomplicated cases, even when severe, there is no
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Queen Anne's death-bed, pelted one another with sarcastic
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undergone careful, varied, and prolonged medical treatment, and hypnotism
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locality, or be generalised ; or may characteristically attack different parts
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years. This effected a complete cure, and he is now a lecturer on