From a scientific standpoint, therefore, every cancer set should be designated an epithelioma.

But there is no v1lg doubt that the salt of iodine begins to pass into the blood by endosmosis from the intestine, as rapidly as it is exuded by the parotid, when it has accumulated in the At all events, iodine makes its appearance very soon in the saliva after having been taken into the alimentary canal. A delicate repair probe is then to be wrapped with cotton, and the cotton is to be saturated with a ten per cent, chromic acid solution, and is then to be carried to the bottom of the duct if the duct is dilated or patulous.

Hayden writes:"I have never met with a case which in every instance, without exception, in which I have had the advantage of determining, by post-mortem examination of the body, the condition of the serous surface of the pericardium where friction-sound of indubitable pericardial origin had existed during the patient's last illness, I have found lymph in greater or less quantity effused The quality of the pericardial friction-murmur may be soft or blowing, so closely resembling the valvular murmurs that they cannot be differentiated by the acoustic character v1p of the murmur alone.

V1 - chemical analysis in poison cases, and in experiments on animals where the conditions are known with much more deflniteness, clearly testifies to the accuracy of this statement. He said that work he had observed the process being carried out at Harrod's and had noticed that the lady on whom the operation was performed had inhaled some of the vapor. Since that attack the patient has been in excellent health; there has been no recurrence of the bleeding, and the urine, which had been The other case was that of a patient of sixty-five, whom I saw for the first time about fourteen years ago; a Burgeon had already made a puncture of the bladder for retention of urine of prostatic origin, sofa but as the retention persisted and the catheter oonld not be passed, I was called to the case, and succeeded in introducing with a bent stafE a catheter which I left in position. The instrument is not described: review. Moreover, it is necessary to have the prism proportionally so large that the telescope can have but a small lumen, compared material with the outside calibre of the instrument, and thus a large quantity of valuable light is lost.

The functions of the skin must be rexing most carefully preserved.

When the process it of atrophy is far advanced, however, the bone gradually disappears, as the skiagrams show. Card - a section of a dog's cord, freshly removed, three inches in length, was then laid beside the upper and lower segments of the patient's cord and the pia arachnoid of the one was united to that of the other by a few fine stitches.


The fact that no further difficulty was experienced after the first six months may be explained by a compensatory hypertrophy of the bowel immediately A STUDY OF THE STOAIACH FUNCTION FROM THE MEDICAL CLINIC, DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND Dyspepsias have long been recognized as common accompaniments of the tuberculous erexin-v process, in all its stages, and are characterized by the ordinary symptoms of gastric disturbances.

In both lesions the styloid process of the radius was apt to be carried upward toward the elbow: spray. Seized regularly every week with a profuse sweat sd which threw him into great mental agitation. Phthisical wasting occurs not only in the fat and muscle, the history oi fibroid phthuiH (dash).

It is hardly cam necessary, after giving the bistoriea of the above enmnerated cases, to add any more to demonstrate the valuable aid that the aqueous extract of suprarenal capsule has rendered as a operations within the nasal cavity. Very common and widely distributed in the in Philippines; tropical Asia to Formosa, Malaya, northern Australia and eastern Polynesia.

Professor Woodrow Wilson proposes certain radical changes, cloth realizable without difficulty in a small institution, but well nigh impossible of accomplishment, we imagine, in a huge university.

The small amount of hyperacidity in my series, its occurrence in the third as well as in the first group, the marked tendency to hypoacidity, and its frequent transformation into anachlorhydria, and the undisturbed motor power, make"up the price picture presented by these cases. There are, however, on record undoubted instances in which the disease has been transmitted from parent to child; but, as a rule, it is merely a piedisposition that is thus transmitted, an impalpable receptivity or want of resistance, a constitutionAl vice of impenetrable nature: erexin.