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likely looking road, and, in this respect, different patients exhibit great

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carefully the various theories as to the etiology of this disease and its rela-

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of. It would lead to suspicions that we ought to keep away from. It

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painful to touch and manipulation. There is definite crepitus and

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The proponents of compulsory health insurance have claimed

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cecum is best recognized by its circular end, while again a con-

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an examination of the feces, but it showed nothing. The temperature ran a

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for the salicylate of sodium [Revue g'enerale de Clinique et de Thtrapeutique).

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In the left ear of this same case, a general and intense swelling of the

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crepitant rales of a dry character. These rales are heard in only a


mates for expenses, administration, supplies, nursing and medical

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A desire to study the lessons that might be drawn from a considerable

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closed by sutures, as affording the best drainage ; (9) on retiring

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and that is that if the pathological report does not agree with clinical

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what weakened by my drifting away from the practice of general

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cellular new formations. Though we are far from understanding thoroughly

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the heart and lungs. With failing nutrition there is general diminution

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attacks which were worse at night and caused nausea ; there was

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In view of such text-books on physiology as those of Foster, Landois

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of menthol dissolved in oil or fluid vaseline, in the strength of from one to

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what is known about sleep and its disturbance, and is particularly full

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The subject of rectal reflexes is a fascinating one, but one

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The patient, a male 17 years of age, white, was admitted to The

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and microscopic appearances in a number of cases, and we find to-day

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the body was free, perfect recovery finally taking place. Could

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that they can hardly be expected to assimilate. Why he should have

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The propriety of performing the operation for the radical cure in all cases

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getting wider every year. Nicholas Murry Butler recently asked,

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the orifice, the stump of the appendix might be lightly attached to any adja-

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which the infection is claimed to have arisen from a defective " set

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I do not know whether urea is the only irritating agent in these cases,

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for fees charged. This means that the medical profession must be

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Van Gieson, by whom the drawings (see Figs. 2 and 3) were made. The

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ether an hour and three-quarters. I first divided the bridge of cicatri-

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hyper-fixation of either caecum or ileum, subject them to a second

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it was the rule to make the application of one remedy to one lateral half

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meet with any rough surface, but usually engages in the stric-

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has been laid upon a type that gives as one of its most important

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ance of the so-called cultured class in matters of everyday history

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Preventing Infection. — Infants. — Those under 2 years must be