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muscle is the muscular guide. The middle cutaneous nerve presents,
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have a lobulated outline below the free border of the ribs.
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will certainly cause digestive disturbances which will do positive harm.
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authorities state that pri/nari/ hydatids of the lung is a condition yet to bo
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hypodermic injection of a chemical poison. The poison acts directly
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to give the most speedy and sometimes permanent relief. Change in the
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(d) The pressure of a tumor or luxated bones or other objects upon
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paratively little disturbance. Often pistol wounds of the brain may
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stance of the membrane ; in consequence of their obstruction their con-
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be firmly adherent or loosely attached to the mucous surface. These casts
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for it never results in the formation of true bone.
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in this manner. This is the condition which should be aimed at by
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exudation without vascular lesion. Such inflammation of serous mem-
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by an opaque, purulent expectoration, in which Tubercle Baciiii from phthi.icai
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internal urethrotomy, by division within the urethra, or external
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