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1967. Lewis, Stuart H., 2050 W. Chester Ave., Havertown, Pa. (19083)

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the incipient stage of chronic salpingitis. The nodules were previously sup-

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And what are the prospects for the future ? Is there

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of the child's rectum twice daily. This did some good

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of reaction to the standard dose of x-rays. Such an inference, how-

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of most other systolic murmurs, by the degree of vigor with which

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on the ninth day. After death numerous gall-stones, all saccu-

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apparatus was applied, and the screws carefully adjusted. No

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was remarkably high, and the hair, thrown back from her tem-

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dles are, in fact, much more useful than those supplied in surgical in-

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anxious care to see that strict justice and impartiality are meted out

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The occurrence of sugar to some extent in the urine of this patient is

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probe that it extended inwards, forwards, and downwards ; that

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Professor of Physiology and Physics and Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat in the

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peculiar play of the successively condensing and vaporizing

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aggravate the sweating, so as completely to exhaust the remaining

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whether more ataxic or more paraplegic and spastic, will depend upon which

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sufficient to cause sweating, and some pathological changes in the circula-

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lence tlian at first." ^ The disease was not regarded as in itself fatal, and

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present, as in all acute abdominal lesions of the upper abdominal zone.

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should be concave on the ground surface. I cannot laud

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signs in each case were located in the gums. The gums were much

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the feet swell, coagula often form in the femoral veins, and, finaUy,

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Purpura hemorrhagica presents hemorrhagic phenomena identical with

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is a wide difference of opinion among authorities con-

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town laddies going to the Grammar School, then on the out-

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symptoms were so identical, except the absence of cystitis, with