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just before, contained about thirty per cent, of albumen.

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of the disease. In another case of glioma he had enucleated

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and is produced, under these circumstances, in the act of inspiration. In

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more workable if a section were introduced stating that " when

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changed within us at times when our organs are either too newly form-

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ing, and that he had been frustrated in his efforts to

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100,000 refugees and others driven out of the Northern war areas.

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The Resuscitation of Asphyxiated New-born Infants by the Sus-

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by Professor Courty, of Montpelier. This remedy is the injection of hot water

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nothing but purely physiological methods being applied.

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not make perverts or moral degenerates of six month's use of the drug, her sufferings

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Tea, etc., at nine o'clock. A. L. Mason, Secretary.

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cal prophylaxis for impending macular holes, when vi-

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rise of temperature may also be observed. The pulse is accelerated, but

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and nervous systems must possess a uniformity of action, and an identity

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tion. If the importance of providing such rooms for consumptives could be

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So generally is it diffused in these that it would be

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idiopathic affection in which ocular phenomena are con-

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ful. The radial pulse remains unchanged. As in syncope, the attacks are

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in a tube of sterile bile bouillon. This should be sent at once to a! laboratory

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itself into the reading of books and the looking at

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formerly. They do not carry a right to register, and are only con-

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the alimentary canal, " a mucous flux which interferes mechanically

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phenomena dependent on the venous stasis gradually disappear. In the

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Lastly, sect. 20, is in the following words : No person

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these new corpuscles leave the intestines and migrate

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Ducts. — Gall-stones occasionally become arrested in the cystic or the com-

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vague or fugitive pains, or a mild type of peripheral neuritis. This stage

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•cases which assume a chronic and obstinate character, more particularly

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among observers : all are agreed that the nerve-fibres in the affected

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Latimer, whom many of you no doubt remember, that once

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and last but not least, buttermilk will usually agree