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an exhibition by the various Red Cross Associations of the world. The
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to respect them. Make him understand early that those are al-
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cavity is simplv an inner surface of the body. Embryology teaches
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Philadelphia. The programme of the evening consisted of papers by Drs.
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to discuss it excepting from the memory of what took place before that committee. I say
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burning, tingling, itching pain with history of relapses, and these
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On Monday morning the first business session convened. In the even-
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Before the birth of the child Mrs. B. weighed 243 lbs. She now
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England, contains a great thought. It is world wide in its scope,
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(it is not brought down clearly), that is, if every member of the profession will take the
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in the third place, it is imposing upon those gentlemen of ability who are members of the
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tural debility, with chronic inflammation of most tissues, which we
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infamous and disgraceful conduct in a professional respect, " By prescribing for all diseases
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such for a short period only, when it reaches out along the lym-
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alone, but it seemed in some of these cases that surgery without
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predominant senate so as to " run it," to use a. slang phrase, which 1 do not like to use. I
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a special vaccine is almost invariably prepared, this being far more
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unsatisfactory results. We shall revert to this when describing the
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Other authorities recommend thorough purgation with sa-
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and in examination of stomach contents we overlook the important
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tents are rolled up so that the campers are practically sleeping in
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close relations with him in wishing for him a season of well-
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take to let the decision rest wholly upon either the degree of progress or
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got in Brockville, and they had to come to Kingston, and then to Toronto ; and they were ten
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discussion. 1 therefore move that the committee rise and report progress, and ask leave to
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visit I conferred with Dr. Watters regarding the case, the probabil-
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tality over the sight of a blinded horse disemboweled by an enraged bull,