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should be extirpated as soon as possible, without any con-

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lande, which was about 8 weeks after, and then at Chester

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duration and severity, so much so that she oftentimes found it impos-

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Wills Eye Hospital; Chief of Clinic of the Eye Dispensary

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bacillus pyogenes fetidus gives the deepest color. Other varieties give paler

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pathic school? Here is a responsible and thoughtful physician, and

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NION TO THE MEDICINE CHEST ; intended as a Source of Easy Reference for

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and severe cases are said to occur in men, but my experience has been

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2 months ; severity, 3. [One sitting, with complete relief of wheeze

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any skilled employment." The majority of the superinten-

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doubts as to the death having been caused by chloroform. The

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dents, for it is the custom in some places to turn off

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reported three cases in which an external opening was made, all ending in

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2d. Its relation to diseases of other organs of an iiiflammatori/ type.

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Austria, Servia, Bulgaria, and occasionally in India, Africa, Barbadoes,

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Many physicians seem still unwilling to make the diagnosis with

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ties ; a chapter will succeed on fracture and luxations from other causes than

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ganisms were complMely decolorised by Gram's method. Similar

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Kattner considers these as ruptures in the carcmous venous meebn

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/* Allocate the memory size of the contour points */

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into the left side of the growth. There had been no reason to

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onwards to the larynx, and so to destroy life,* unless tracheotomy succeeds

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oughly emptied and the patient having been etherized, an in-

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presses itself in the various forms of judgment, inference, and de-

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times, especially in the morning, the first few drops of

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necessary opening in it with any half-blunt instrument, such

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the dose is large, and the sulphurous taste is disagreeable to some patients.

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Dr. II. I. Bowditch questioned the possibility of making the hospital,

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and, consequently, either from the time it lasts or on account of the