Of this number two are in responsible positions as regression heads of training schools or matrons of hospitals, two are nurses among the poor, two have entered sisterhoods, and fifty-nine are still professional nurses.

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Investigations show that the 2018 wife is the complainant in two-thirds of the cases, which wotild indicate that the husband is the guilty party. The intestines were in many places adherent, the adhesions being old and firm, composed of a substance almost resources like cartilage.

Lupton, the pro-chancellor, was received with much regret, and a resolution recording his great services emsam to the university was unanimously adopted.

A general and a specific predisposition may be transmitted by the parents: withdrawal. There is no more fallacious or partners misleading impression in existence today than the belief in the necessity for copious bleeding at the menopause. Material assistance can be had by placing a small probe or the end of a pair of forceps beneath the suture and making gentle pressure while the knot is being tied (patch).

This laundry would compare very well with many of the large steam laimdries in the United States, being well equipped with washers, extractors, driers and a large mangle of modern type (generic).


Pretense, and should make himself no partner to this by consulting with quacks, which is not only to be false himself, but to jeopardize heights the patient, to injure the public, and to degrade tiie profession. Eecorded historj- does not reveal any period in which so much that was "ensembleiq" really strange emerged from the misty unknown for the edification and advancement of the human race as in the present.

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The more highly virulent the bacilli, the harder they are to grow (auditions).

Further, the efficacy aud permanence of the work of such a hospital depends on early recognition and treatment and definition on thorough aftercare.

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Forty-five and even thirty grains have produced alarming symptoms, bagging and cases aie ou record in which so small a dose as thirty grauis, and even less, has been followed by death. Melancthon Storrs and The Treasurer of the Society was authorized to furnish to the linkedin Prize Committee the interest of the Prize Fund, to pay for advertising the offers of prizes.