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leave traces on the body precisely similar to those here found.

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known, whether certain causes, particularly bums of ihe skin, induce

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secretions in a normal state. Pulse 80, soft and compressible.

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and such monstrous bigotry. In the early part of the

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Sometimes, however, none of tliese can be detected on tlie surface ; and espe-

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cent. These are tissue cells and when in excess imply disease in

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■oioil the poaterior wall of Ihe pharynx. The patient ihould then be dirrrled to H>uDd in a tomrwhat

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deposited in the solids of certain plants, and in the fluids of plants

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western counties have. These southern counties are all copiously

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controls and restrictions and at the same time demands

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almost of a fleshy structure, and, when cut into freely, give out

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Asst. Surgeon G. M. Magruder, to proceed to Galveston, Tex.,

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cles or tunics, all of which were suggestive of relapse, but none of-

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lation as to the location and character of the lesion pro-

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subsided, and the uterine disease, at that time, gave no farther

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Locomotor Ataxy. — According to Prof. Founder the first symptoms

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did not subside, however, and in May the patient applied

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General Medical Council, the Scottish Universities, the Scottish

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VI. The Organization and Affiliation of' Charities in

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fornia. Dr Kizer is the Director of the California Department of Health Services and

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of the medical work in Germany, to consider briefly the

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clot was found in the right hemisphere. It occupied nearly the

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to move downward or towards the ears ; aft. 8 min. fa .

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of aromatic spirit of ammonia, with one ounce of brandy, administered by

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Histological examination of both adrenals showed a deposition in

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cost the mother her life, are evidently born under favorable

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type, except that here the field-defect symptom was reversed. Micro-

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which we are now contending for. I believe if we now close

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acceptance by the professions and the public of chang-

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a. The Mission. All logistical planning (including veterinary)