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the large amount of fluid necessary would produce. Hence

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In the last number of the Army and Navy Gazette some sensible

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be attributed to some improper article of food given

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of St. Peter's Hospital at a recent lecture, to a dis-

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M. D. of jMontgomery, Alabama, in the JS^eio Orleans Medical and Suryical

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diagnosed by two competent oculists as " epilepsy of the

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gland. Of an endemic origin, it is, for the most part, confined to

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lain during the whole, of its illness exactly in one position all the time, the

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in the same part of the city. My notes of two of these

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sion or injury of a nerve ganglion or nerve tract. The injudicious

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dent that great force must not be used in dilating.

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A PERSON who has been exposed to a greatly increased atmospheric

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ciated with these two symptoms, there exists optic neuritis.

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following the distribution of a cutaneous branch of the ulnar

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muscles of the left side of the neck ; slight pyrexia with

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on percussion. Post mortem we find the lungs and the abdo-

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the central parts of the joint and not, as in arthritis de-

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it chemically with other substances. In the first order

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trust the process ? We fear there is no other explanation

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actions and functions. This is probably what Stahl means

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The Ozone Company has utilized this fact in a preparation

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" That, in Clause x, the four last lines, viz. : —

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all showing that ophthalmic science is not neglected in the south

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seems to me that the symptoms described should be accounted for by the

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be applied, or a directing apparatus through which cold

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be worthless, if it did not differ much from the last" but in the extensive alterations and addi-

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respondingly weak suspension of hemophilic platelets caused the blood

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Treatment. — Many points of treatment have already been

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cautery the greatest care and thoroughness were necessary, and