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The Laryngo-Tracheal Neoplasms of Tuberculosis. —
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You are ins tr ucted _how_ t^jr^'.'yyjja^-^&'Ju^Hy •
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Dr. Verdi's is to enable those living at long distances from
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in strong contrast with the loud puerile vesicular murmur of the sound
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that it is not a good plan to treat syphilis too early. Most all
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Fig. 201. — Free clump from a section of a rectum.
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become pregnant should be warned Avoid during the first trimester. Withdrawal
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pound blowpipe with an appropriate handle, to the end of
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The editor, in taking back water as to what had been previously
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improper food, pernicious habits, and every thing that can affect the health
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disease has affected the stomach itself — unless, indeed, a cast of the
back on bread and butter or jam, a diet very defective in antiscorbutic
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Carpenter, D. N., assistant surgeon, ordered to the Boston Navy
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gish hepatic circulation, but it is now known that only external piles,
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•ensuing spring. This school, which was for many years the resort of
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T., 1890, xix, 390-410, 6 pi.— Stephenson (S.) Episcleritis
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"biliousness" means constipation, and "torpid liver"
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quently and perhaps commonly entertained, that chronic pleuritis, when
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. Drawing in forehead extends to the eyes and root of the
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dual, but extremely slow, development of an organ on which
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over tliirty-two years ago. For several hours she made no
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and intra-cellular may arise from repeated attacks of slight congestion of
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entire left iliac fossa. Constipation, the peculiar discharges,
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ment of sexual fonps in anopheles and kills those already matured. In the
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seat of fracture. The movements of the hand and fingers are started at the sec-
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that of the left leg was slightly impaired. On attempting to call, he was
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Treatment. — A truss should never be employed in the treatment
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Historical, Medical, and General, descriptive of the Vicinity. By For-
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patient. In a paper which Dr. Kennedy had brought before the Associa-
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second meeting of the Court Dr. Lowe gave the following
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seemed restored. A few mornings afterwards, while performing his ablu-
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(in 187G the condition seemed utterly hopeless). Each time a
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procured by the application of the tincture of aconite or the veratria ointment.
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movements of supination and pronation, crepitus might be made out. In an in-
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to the sides of the bed is frequently all that is needed. Stupor requires