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" that over-pressure exists throughout the whole of the pro-
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chological Medicine : Julius Althaus, England ; R. H.
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and the black sputum, at once indicated to us that this condensation was
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contractions. This would indicate a direct action on the muscular
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is quite consistent with the ''presystolic" commencement of a
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weakness, to the extent of paresis. There was also slight, but
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that the margin of safety is ample. Further, for ordinary
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must also here necessarily be taken into consideration. All
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To be assistant-surgeons with rank of first lieutenant — Arthur
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from 2 to 3 weeks and later gradually subsided to the normal level.
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and practice. — Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., July, 188.'?.
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tension on the stitch line and to support the flaps.
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materials are combined in different ways, and by methods which
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the fibrous capsule of the kidney was turned up and
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vasomotor disturbance. Exponents of the infectious theory base
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after his meals, and afterward to increase the dose on the
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under treatment. Sensibility and muscular force were begin-
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imperfectly closed sutures. In many instances the com-
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in the Pleural Cavity. — Robert J. Lee, M. D., F. R. C. P., in
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will affect the brain and exert a most powerful influence on the intellect. The
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Ambrose, a boy of great intelligence, of active and penetrating wit,
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lime may be precipitated by oxalat of ammonia. As to the
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28 Flint, Natural History of Articular Rheumatism. [July
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o'clock on Sunday morning, June 21st, 1840, twenty-seven days after he was
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side of it, having on the other side a passage or corridor from which