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might indicate. There is scarcely an organ or tissue in
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present description. The disease generally commences with a prodromal
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them to expect strongly-marked appearances in every case ot death from su -
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cattle, where inoculation generally occurs through the digestive tract,
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with mercury, salicylic acid, etc., in an ointment with a lanolin base.
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and at New York City Hospital, then Charity Hospital,
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tacked all those who are susceptible to its influence.
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tain inflammation afresh. After death from secondary peri-
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states that 26° was its minimum degree last night; it is now
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only, or whether he is also sensitive to the substance after it has
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is produced in diabetes, out of the same quantity of amylaceous food
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Once the material in which it is contained be thoroughly
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a short time into another room his bedroom should be thoroughly aired
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the caicum, distinguishes this abscess from phlegmonous suppuration which
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palpebrarum), becomes smaller in equatorial diameter. What has
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puberty. The mental disturbance sometimes amounts to delirium.
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by straining through a fine sieve or piece of muslin..
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of the practice never appear to be able to free themselves from the
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composition ; and passing through the walls of the vessels, the tonics
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which may l)e so mild and of such brief existence as to come and go without
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tients present the deep dejection, the indifference, and other symptoms
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been added to the average age of man in the last decade — a truly
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Henry Searle, Esq. surgeon, of Kensington, under date of Jan. 17tb, he
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affinity for oxygen, we will obtain a deposit in the gelatine
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Board of Health, to consist of the Medical Association, the county
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(a) The mechanical complications and sequels are caused \)y increased
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regarding the practice of medicine ; leave it as free,
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The old gentleman (a botanical [?] doctor) who had been treating
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damage the thyroid vessels, thoracic duct or recurrent nerve. When
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