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Domino’s tops poll for customer loyalty

February 25, 2011 by Ian  
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Domino’s topped a recent poll which sought to discover which pizza brand had the highest level of customer loyalty.

The survey was conducted by Brand Keys. The company say they set out with the aim of conducting a study which went beyond the usual figures and statistics, to get to the heart of a consumer’s emotional attachment to a brand.

Closely following Domino’s in the rundown of the pizza brands customers are most loyal to was another American company, Papa John’s, followed by Pizza Hut and Little Caesar’s, according to the study.

Chief Executive of Domino’s, J. Patrick Doyle welcomed the findings from the study. The Domino’s boss said that although the pizza giant is always looking to attract new customers, they realise that customer retention is vital to the success of their brand, and so they’ve made a conscious effort to develop brand loyalty over the course of the last few years by improving in store services and extending their menu.

According to one franchise expert, Craig Slavin, brand loyalty is established “from the ground up” and stems from customers receiving a great service from frontline staff members such as pizza delivery drivers and customer service advisers.

The survey aims to predict which brands will be a hit with consumers over the coming year, and so if the results are anything to go by, Domino’s looks set to enjoy yet another bumper year with a further rise in profits.

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