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Domino’s to stream customer comments on billboards in Times Square NY

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Domino’s Pizza is taking social media to the next level with its latest advertising campaign which will see the comments of real customers being posted on giant billboards on New York’s Times Square.

The pizza giant has forked out for the hire of a number of massive electronic billboards at the New York City landmark for a whole month and plans to broadcast customer comments, as made via their social media pages, on their rented billboards.

Whether good or bad, the comments will be plastered across the Domino’s advertising space in Times Square as the home pizza delivery company says it wants to promote a culture of honesty of openness between itself and their customers.

However the comments will have to undergo a screening process in order to avoid rival companies or individuals hijacking the campaign for self promotion, and to prevent any offensive messages including swear words slipping through the net and being broadcast to thousands of people in New York.

Despite the filtering out of inappropriate comments, Domino’s maintain that billboards will stream live comments from real customers with both the positive and negative being broadcast in the interest of honesty. The campaign is being regarded as a very brave move by internet experts and consumers with many holding their breath to see if the pizza giant will pull off the ambitious marketing stunt.

Following the month long advertising promotion, footage from the campaign will be turned into a TV commercial using clips from the best bits of the Times Square broadcasts.

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