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Domino’s predicts boost in sales during London Olympics

July 26, 2012 by Michelle  
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For most rain and wet weather is depressing and puts a damper on our day. However, for pizza giant Domino’s, the latest wet spell combined with the Olympics in Britain promises the opportunity for a major boost in sales.

Chief Executive Lance Batchelor explained how in previous Olympic experience, like at the Sydney Games in 2000, there was a “significant uplift” to sales, especially around the opening and closing ceremonies. London 2012 promises to deliver all that and more as a rainy Britain will force Britons to sit at home, watch the Games and order in a pizza delivery.

Rain, sport and the Queen’s Jubilee earlier this year resulted in a surging pre-tax profit at Domino’s, rising 13.2% to £21.5million in the six months to June 24.

Chief financial officer at Domino Food Group, Lee Ginsberg, said: “We must be among the few people every day who come in and do rain dances.”

The company also raked in profits during the Euro 2012 which provided Britons another opportunity to stay indoors. Recent British favourites from this pizza giant have included stuffed pizza crusts containing cheese or barbecue sauce.

Inspired by the Sydney Games, that created one “busiest ever periods” for the Australian branch, Domino’s is now predicting a slew of online orders ahead of London 2012. Currently, more than half of all orders are received online at Domino’s UK, with only about 30% walk-ins to high street stores.

Mr Batchelor said: “About 30pc of our sales are walk-in and we really do find it’s worth being on the high street because it’s almost an advertisement for the brand.”

During the 26 weeks leading up to 24 June, Domino’s opened 23 new stores and expects to open another 49 before the end of this year. This will result in generating 2000 more jobs across the UK, Ireland and Germany – areas of operation for Domino’s Food Group.

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