Domino’s Pizza’s world record breaking attempt

Domino's Pizza logoA Domino’s Pizza branch in California is attempting to get its name into the history books by making the most pizzas within 24 hours.

Taft’s Domino’s Pizza outlet has been calling upon former employees, and members of the local community to help them achieve their goal. Word seems to have got about as the franchisee says they’ve been inundated with people coming into the store to see how they can get involved in the record breaking attempt.

To clinch the world record, the Domino’s Pizza store needs to beat 5,000 pizzas in 24 hours. According to their estimations, the outlet believe they are on course to make 7,500 pizzas, although 8,000 pizza boxes have been pre-folded for the big day, just in case.

According to the Guinness Book of Records rules, the pizzas need only be topped with cheese. However the Californian branch believes their customers would definitely appreciate something extra on top of the record breaking attempt pizzas, and so they’ve decided to add a pepperoni topping as well.

Teams of 30 pizza makers have been made, each working a three hour shift of non-stop pizza making and baking. The store has also taken over the next door restaurant’s kitchen in order to create as much space as possible for the marathon pizza making event.

3,000 pizzas have already been spoken for with sponsors lined up to take delivery of them on the record breaking day, while the others will be sold from three outlets in the same street.


  1. Awesome! Just think of the logistical challenges to achieve this. Stii it’s all about the 7 P’s I suppose. Good luck guys!

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