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Domino’s Pizza riding high thanks to new gourmet range and Red or Black sponsorship

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Domino’s Pizza are riding high thanks to the successful launch of the new Gourmet pizza range, and the successful sponsorship of the new ITV game show, Red or Black?

Like for like sales from last year show that Domino’s profits have increased by 4.1% in the last three months, which the leading home pizza delivery provider believes is down to their innovative new gourmet pizza range, and the high profile advertising the brand received following its sponsorship of the new Ant and Dec game show.

The gourmet range of Domino’s pizzas was launched in July of this year with the aim of targeting the middle class market with its sophisticated range of pizza toppings including combinations of goats cheese and spinach, sun roasted tomatoes and chorizo amongst others. A new stuffed crust pizza menu was also introduced at the same time due to customer demand for more stuffed crust pizza options, according to Domino’s.

As well as the new pizza range and sponsorship deals, Domino’s have been experiencing a surge of growth in their online presence with electronic sales accounting for 46.65 of sales.

Although Domino’s say trading conditions are still challenging, they say they plan to meet the analysts’ predicted pre-tax figures of between £40.7 – £43 million for the year.

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