Domino’s Pizza pulls the plug on its halal menu

Domino's Pizza has decided to scrap its three halal only stores in the UK

After pioneering a new halal only takeaway menu at three of its branches in the UK, Domino’s Pizza has been forced to pull the plug on its non-pork pizza outlets after reporting poor sales.

18 months ago the leading pizza chain enraged some of its non-Muslim customers by banning pork from its menus in outlets three outlets in the UK, one in Birmingham, another in Bradford and Blackburn. The fast food company worked in conjunction with the Halal Food Authority to create three 100% halal stores which were in line with Muslim religious laws.

Pizza fans have been unable to order their favourites such as the Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, and the ever popular pepperoni pizza at these selected outlets over the course of the past year and a half.

Now the Pizza giant has done a U turn on its decision to trial menus using produce approved by Islamic laws after falling sales. In an official statement from Domino’s Pizza they say the pilot scheme “has not had the impact expected” and has made the decision to reinstate its previous menu.

Domino’s Pizza describe reverting to their conventional menu in all three stores as a “commercial decision” timed to coincide with the launch of their new lunch menu.

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