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Domino’s Pizza plans to double its number of branches in India

November 21, 2011 by Michelle  
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Home pizza deliver experts, Domino’s, have revealed ambitious plans to more than double its number of pizza outlets in India within the next five years, bringing its total number of pizza branches in the country to 800.

Domino’s have identified India as an area of growth and recognise the opportunities to further develop the worldwide brand in the country. The pizza delivery company currently operates 411 stores throughout India, dominating the home delivery sector by controlling 70% of the market share.

Domino’s are also planning to open their 500th store during 2012 as the company succeeded in opening 100 stores in the last 15 months, so by that same comparison, another 89 stores within 12 months in attainable. According to the most recent plans from Domino’s, the pizza provider plans to open 80 stores annually in order to meet its newly set target of doubling its number of outlets by 2017.

The Domino’s brand appears to be performing very well in India with the pizza provider opening a number of outlets with popular dining areas offering customers the chance to eat-in, however despite the encouraging response to the dining facilities at the Domino’s braches in India, home pizza delivery remains its core service.

While Domino’s is looking to expand in India, other pizza operators are also eyeing up the India market as Pizza Express have outlined plans to open their first restaurant in India in early 2012, with Mumbai or Delhi earmarked as possible locations for the first Pizza Express in India.

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