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Domino’s Pizza plan store opening on the moon

September 1, 2011 by Michelle  
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Pizza Hut may have delivered pizza to astronauts orbiting the Earth, but Domino’s is planning to open the first outer space pizza store. Plans unveiled this week show an artist’s impression of what the new pizza branch will look like, along with details on how much the new outlet will cost to create.

The Japanese arm of Domino’s is spearheading plans to launch the world’s first takeaway outlet on the moon. Construction firm Maeda Corp have revealed their plans this week for the moon based Domino’s. The plans show a two-storey dome shaped building made from concrete which will feature a basement area where pizza making will take place. Domino’s staff will be required to live and work inside the Domino’s dome on the moon.

The plans go into detail about the construction of the building, even to the point of describing their plans to use the natural mineral deposits on the moon to make the concrete which will be used to create the pizza store.

The home pizza delivery giant estimates the project will cost £13.4 billion, with 15 rockets being used to transport materials and pizza making equipment from Earth to the moon. The store plans to offer a delivery service, although as yet, there’s no scheduled start date for the ambitious project.

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