Domino’s Pizza outlet in Swindon refused 24 hour licence

Domino's Pizza outlet in Swindon has its operating hours extended but misses out on 24 hour licence

A Domino’s Pizza store in Swindon has been refused a 24 licence to serve food, however the the council have agreed to extend their opening hours.

The franchise is in the process of moving to larger premises and had planned to open for business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. However this application was refused on the grounds that it could encourage anti-social behaviour in the Old Town area of Swindon.

The licensing committee have agreed to allow the Domino’s Pizza store to serve food until 1am Monday-Thursday, and until 3am on Friday and Saturday. Takeaways are permitted until 3am every day.

Concerns have been raised by local residents in light of the extended opening hours at the fast food outlet with many complaining of noise caused by people eating on the streets, and also disruption from delivery drivers revving their engines and slamming doors.

Domino’s Pizza say they plan to install 8 CCTV cameras to monitor activity in and around the area to ensure their customers don’t disturb local residents. Plus door staff will be employed on weekends in case of anti social behaviour. Sliding doors will also be installed at the new premises to reduce noise.

The franchisee in charge of the Swindon branch of Domino’s Pizza has been operating for over 20 years and has never experienced any problems. Domino’s Pizza also highlighted the fact that there are several other late night eateries in the area, so they are not bringing anything new to the neighbourhood.

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