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Domino’s Pizza outlet in Stoke granted 3am licence

November 15, 2011 by Tony  
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There was success for a Domino’s Pizza outlet in Stoke-on-Trent this week after the local council granted permission for the branch to stay open until 3am every day. The franchisee at the Hanley branch of Domino’s believes there is a strong demand for late night pizzas and hopes to tap into this growing market now the takeaway has been granted permission to deliver pizzas until 3am.

According to the franchisee running the Domino’s store in Hanley, the phone records show that the pizza takeaway receives a high volume of calls between the hours of 11.30pm-2am which until now, they were unable to respond to. Although the branch of Domino’s has been granted permission to serve pizza until 3am, there is a condition upon the licence which states that pizzas can only be delivered until this time, with the shop closing its doors to collections from 11.30pm.

In addition to the delivery-only policy between 11:30pm and 3am, the Hanley Domino’s branch must also adhere to litter collection patrols, as per the terms of the licence. Twice daily, at the start and end of the day, Domino’s staff will collect litter around the takeaway, to ensure the extra opening hours don’t have a negative effect on the local area.

The pizza provider’s application for increased opening hours did prove controversial with some residents with 33 names objecting to the plans. However the Domino’s franchise sought to alleviate the locals’ worries, issuing all local residents with a letter outlining the plans for the branch and its proposal for late opening hours.

After the letter was received, Domino’s succeeded in winning around a number of those objectors, with 16 out of the original 33 signing a petition in support of the proposals. In total 37 people signed the Domino’s letter in favour of the 3am opening.

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